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We’re a Digital Marketing Agency in Selangor, Malaysia made up of a group of passionate individuals who get excited about helping SMEs & Corporate Companies create impact with their customers.

We turn data into actionable insights that will shape your strategic and tactical business decisions, whilst boosting your brand presence.


Many well-known brands have transformed their business into much larger scale entities after taking us into their circle. Our previous clients have entrusted their products and services with our professional marketing advice and are overwhelmed with our strategically-organised gameplay in interrupting the data traffic to convert leads into profitable sales.

We wouldn’t dare to deny the fact that there are many other agencies providing marketing solutions but what makes us uniquely stand out of the herd is our expertise in developing your personalised marketing campaign where we fusion creativity and sustainability into one with an ultimate purpose, converting leads into sales!

Our agency has grown from just two passionate marketers working in a small home-office strategizing the best campaign for our clients into a well-developed team of forty(40) digital marketing enthusiasts in just five(5) years; with our common vision at Vennea Marketing to become champion among the best digital marketing agencies in Malaysia within seven years.



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Qurban & Aqiqah Niche

The company brings its vision and mission to be a communication platform among the regional Muslim community. The booking of aqiqah is implemented in more than 17 target countries with weak and desperate Muslim communities.

The 90-days digital advertising campaign with Vennea from February to April 2021 recorded a significant increase in 5-digit to 6-digit sales.

For the Qurban 2021 campaign, sales were recorded up to 6 figures (RM1,453,900) through sales on Salespage & on WhatsApp.

Health Niche

A company that has been in the healthcare market for over 15 years. Previously, more health products were produced for the treatment of 3 diseases in a row.

The 90-days digital advertising campaign with Vennea from June 2021 to August 2021 (entirely for purchases at Salespage) has recorded a significant increase in monthly sales to reach RM551,000 in the 3rd month

Just introduced a supplement formulation on the market a few months ago. This health product simulated by medical doctors focuses on strengthening the body’s immune system especially in pandemic seasons.

Salespage and creative advertising posters produced by Vennea during the campaign period managed to produce a proud “online conversion”.

Qurban & Aqiqah Niche

A total of RM8.9 million in sales value was generated by the Vennea team in the Qurban campaign in 2021 for one of our clients a Qurban NGO Foundation.

This aggressive campaign is run for 2 months on social media platforms such as FB, IG, Google – search, display & Youtube, Twitter and also Tiktok.

The entire sale takes place at salespage which has been produced by the Vennea team.

Health Niche

The client’s product is a Bird’s Nest that promotes health & beauty as an advertising theme. Previously sales depended entirely on GoShop & Agent plans.

Vennea has made full use of Salespage for automatic conversion purposes.

In just one month, a total of RM34,000 sales were generated entirely at Salespage.


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